Paint the moon, a game in manners.

Hello.  It is a relatively warm and sunny February day here in Missouri.  I hope that wherever you are, this post finds you warm and basking in sunlight as well.  Today, I thought I would write about a game that my family recently learned.  It carries a lovely lesson in manners and would also make for a great ice breaker.

My daughter, Marlee, takes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons.  She does this a couple times a week and is currently in her fifth month of instruction.  This class is her most favorite thing in the whole world right now.  (Her being seven years old this is pretty impressive.)  Every class she learns something useful that strengthens her mind, awareness and physical strength.  Her instructor is enthusiastic, loud, witty, and full of charisma – just what kids and adults both like – and makes for a great teacher.  In these classes he teaches the obvious, jiu jitsu, but he sometimes brings something a little different to the table.  In this instance we are talking about a game called Paint the Moon.

To play the game, everyone should sit in a circle and you will need something to “paint” with.  This can be anything, even as simple as a pen or marker, as you just pass it around the circle.  So, let us say that it is my turn first.  I will say I would like to paint the moon purple.  I am able to paint the moon purple.  Now, I pass the “brush” to you, the person next to me.  You say how you would like to paint the moon, and it can be any way that you like.  And at this point I have to inform you that you are unable to paint the moon however you wish.  You pass the brush to the person next you you.  They say “Thank you. I would like to paint the moon swiss cheese.”  They CAN paint the moon swiss cheese.  They are able to do this because they said thank you.  They used their manners.  Of course, we cannot say that is why, everyone has to come to this conclusion on their own.  More and more people will catch on, and some will be absolutely confused.  At the end, everyone has had a good laugh and bonded a bit.  It is a simple reminder for the value of manners.

I am sure that there are several variations of this game out in the world.  This just so happens to be the one that we learned.  It costs nothing but a little bit of time to play, and gives you something valuable in return.  I am happy that we were able to experience this, and even more so that my daughter has a role model in her life to teach her different ways to see the world.

Much love,Stacey 2


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