Review: My first BarkBox

Disclosure:  I purchased this subscription with my own money and am not receiving any compensation for this review.

Hello there!  Sun is shining here again today, and I LOVE it.  I hope you are loving the weather wherever you are today!  I must add that the weather made for a lovely walk out to my mailbox today.  In the mailbox was our very first BarkBox!  This was a pleasant surprise as per the tracking number, I was not really expecting to see it until tomorrow at least.  What a nice little bit to make the day even better!

I don’t know about you, but I was on the fence about ordering a subscription box.  They seem like an amazing idea, but then you read reviews and it can possibly land you on the skeptical side of the fence.  Not to mention you are giving strangers your hard earned money to surprise you with something that you may or may not like.  It can be risky when you look at it that way.

I was on the fence for a while too.  I finally decided to take a leap and try out BarkBox.  We have five dogs in our family, so I easily spend a comparable amount of money on random things for them throughout the month anyway.  Sometimes that can be quite the guessing game as to what they will like or not also.  Why not try a variety of different surprise items shipped to my house?  I ordered the six month subscription.  I used a promo code provided during the sign up on the site to receive the first month for $1.00.  Then I paid for the whole six months so I do not have to worry about it until it is closer to time for renewal.  They do have the option to make the 6 month committment and pay monthly too, which I also thought was nice.

Now, being that I have five furbabies living with me, I think it is important to note that I have three that range in size/weight from 45 to 65 pounds and two smaller babies that currently both weigh less that 3 pounds.  I can swap out the dog size on the boxes monthly as long as I do it by a certain date.  So, I can get boxes for small dogs, and for large dogs.  How awesome is that?  And I can do it all in my account settings on their website!  Very easy.  I like easy.

So, to continue, I was very excited about my new committment/purchase and felt like reaching out on Twitter to BarkBox. (I am also new to Twitter and find that I like being able to reach out to people and companies so easily.  It is amazing!) I hit them up and told them I had just purchased a six month subscription and that I hoped that we would love it.  They hit me back and carried on a pleasant and short conversation.  How cool is that?  This further fueled my excitement for this company.  Now just to get the BarkBox itself and see how it goes…

The BarkBox came today!  Yay!  I brought it in the house and opened it up.  I ordered the one for the smaller dogs first as they are more into toys right now being puppies and all.  The theme for the box is New York.  There were two toys, two bags of treats and a chew treat.  There was also a two legged user guide and a welcome card.  How fun!

The toys were the Lady Liberty Ball and a crinkly Pretzel Rope plush toy.  My little chihuahua babies loved them.  They began play immediately carting them around the house back and forth and chewing on them.  The treats were Lamb Lung Toasters by Superior Farms and No Grainers Roasted Duck NYC Chews by Nootie.  I really like that both of these treats are grain free and made in the USA.  The ingredient list did not make me cringe.  Awesome!  The chew is a 7″ Etta crunchy buffalo chew.  Also American made.

In conclusion, I am so very happy that I decided to try the BarkBox subscription box.  The toys are well made and appear to be pretty durable.  The treat bags were full size treat bags as if you made the purchase in store somewhere.  I am also ecstatic that I went ahead and got the six month subscription box.  I think that I am correct is saying that myself and my furbabies are looking forward to getting the BarkBox next month, and all of the months after that.  I will do reviews each month so be sure to check back if you are curious or still on the fence about whether or not BarkBox may be right for you.

Thank you BarkBox for putting together such an awesome box of goodies for our family!  We love it!

BarkBox 2.2017BarkBox 2.2017 (1)


3 thoughts on “Review: My first BarkBox

  1. My furbaby Niko got her first box today. She didnt care much for the snacks so far but absolutely lived the toys. Like yours, immediately staryed playing with it. 5 hrs later still going strong. :).


    1. Howlooo Stacey! Thank you so much for reviewing your first BarkBox – we are SO glad to hear that your pack ruvved the goodies! I can only imagine your chihuahuas running around the dog house with their new Poo York toys 🙂

      We certainly know what it’s like to retrieve a box full of surprises, but BarkDay and the box reveal is such a barkciting moment to share with your pack of 5! If you ever receive anything that your pack doesn’t ruv, or a treat that they turn their noses to, do not hesitate to bark at! We can replace an item per BarkBox – that our Scout’s Honor! We always want to make sure that your pups are howling with joy.

      We are looking forward to seeing more reviews from you, and hearing about your pack’s favorites! WELCOME TO THE PACK and we pant wait to spoil your puppers with their 6-month subscription!


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