A Mother Daughter Project

Does your family participate in crafting?  We like to do crafty things here and there.  Some days more than others.  It just depends on what we have going on.  Recently, my daughter was gifted a beginners sewing maching.  She has been practicing with it off and on, trying to get the hang of it.  Making sure that she takes her foot off of the pedal when she stops. raising the presser foot, how to turn the fabric, and so on.  But yesterday, she looked at me and asked if we could make something.  A real project.  Naturally, I felt that this should be a super easy project with not a lot of frills.  We opted to make a reversible tote style purse.

We spent our afternoon learning how to cut fabric pieces and how to iron the edges and then sewing.  I did finishing edges to make sure the seams held, but she did the vast majority of the sewing. Everything was a learning experience or extra practice toward something she already knew.  We ended up with a very lovely first sewing project.

I was so happy to be able to share my afternoon with her and begin teaching her a useful life skill.  I have found myself in conversations recently with other parents that outline how we feel it is unfortunate that children are not given as many opportunities in today’s world to learn useful life skills.  Topics frequently brought up are sewing, gardening, basic survival and safety, et cetera.  I personally am not skilled in a lot of categories that I wish I would have learned more about, so I must say that I am happy to be able to share at least one thing with her.  I know I had a lot of fun working on this project with her and look forward to doing many more in the future.  Maybe we can both learn a useful life skill together in the future.

What are some projects that you have done with your children or grandchildren?




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