Almost an Accident

The other day, I was almost in a car accident.  Now I realize that everyone has likely had a close call at one point if not an accident.  The thing that really disappointed me in this situation is that someone ran me completely off of the road and they did not even stop to see if I was okay.

The road we were on was two lanes and I was driving the speed limit somewhere from 50 – 55 miles per hour.  I drive this road almost daily so I am comfortable driving it at the speed limit and not reducing my speed greatly to do so.  The visibility around is lower as it is relatively sharp and there are trees et cetera.  So, as I rounded the corner I found that there was a car completely in my lane of travel headed right for me.  At this point, I found that I had three options.

1.) Continue in my lane and hit the violating car head on or close to it.

2.) Veer to the other lane, hit the truck that was following the car that was in my lane.  I would have most likely still been hit by the car that was in my lane in doing so also as they veered back into their correct lane.

3.) Go off the road between road signs, drive over another road which has no cars on it and get stopped in a very small gravel parking area on the other side of the road before going in to a grouping of trees. (Lucky for me there were no cars coming on it, then I would have had to decide which car of the three in front of me I wanted to hit.)

Option number three decreased my odds of being in a serious accident.  Option number three is the split second decision that I made.  Luckily for the others on the road I made the best decision and no one was hurt, which I am so thankful for.

The bit that I found to be the most unfortunate about the incident is that the person who was in the wrong never stopped to see if I was even okay.  The truck following them did not stop either.  Which to be honest is one of the reasons I am so very grateful that nothing more happened.  They did not stick around long enough to see where I ended up.  I cannot help but wonder if I had actually had something happen would they have stopped or kept on driving as they did?  Sadly, I get the feeling that I probably do not really want the answer to that question.

In the meantime, I am going to count my blessings and be grateful that I am still here and that there was no harm caused to any people or vehicles.  I am going to be glad that I got to be here for my family just a little bit longer.



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