Review: Sport Hoop ACU Hoop 5 lb Hula Hoop

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I did purchase this hula hoop with my own money and the opinion below is my own.

One of things that I love the most about the evolving fitness crazes we see is that hula hooping has finally drawn some worthwhile attention to itself.  I am not a fabulous hula hooper by any means, but I do like it.  And I have fun doing it.  What I really like about it is that you when you get into it, you can burn almost as many calories in an hour of hula hooping as you would jogging or running.  I am not a fan of running.  It just feels completely unnatural for me.  In turn, maximizing the calories I burn is sometimes a nuisance.

I recently purchased a Sport Hoop – ACU Hoop weighted 5 pound hula hoop.  It is rated for people that are 120 – 300 pounds in weight.  They do make smaller ones that are rated for smaller people or those with less experience in hula hooping.  I wanted more bang for my buck of course so I selected the largest weight that they make.

The hoop came in several pieces that fit together.  This is a nice feature as you can also take it back apart if you need to.  Just push the button in and pull.  Each one of the pieces is weighted and covered in a type of denser foam.  There are massaging ridges on the inside.  The weight of the hula hoop may prove uncomfortable and bruise your torso a bit in the beginning before your body adjusts to using the hoop.  I found that I adjusted quickly to that so it was not much of a concern at first, but I think it is important to make a note of.

I have to say that I can certainly feel the muscles working when I use this hoop!  I cannot yet speak of results with long term use.  However, I suspect if used regularly, I have no doubt that you will see benefits one way or another.

Sport Hoop ACU Hoop 5 lb Hula Hoop on Amazon

Sport Hoop ACU Hoop 4 lb Hula Hoop on Amazon

Sport Hoop ACU Hoop 3 lb Hula Hoop on Amazon

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