Hello hello.  Have you gotten on board and tried any of the adult coloring books? Personally, I enjoyed coloring before these books started to make waves a few years back, but was undoubtedly excited when they started putting out the more intricate desgin books.  I think they are lovely.  Some of them in fact so lovely that I have considered matting/framing and hanging them up.

I like to do creative artsy things, but sometimes as an adult with mother/wife/work responsibilities I feel drained I do not feel as though I have enough time or energy to put forth energy toward a “real” project.  (Such as making and painting that pallet sign I have had in my head for the last month.)  But I still want something artsy to do to fill the gap when I have time.  The coloring books are a great filler for me in that aspect.

Another plus is that my daughter loves coloring too!  It gives us something that we can sit and do together.  I try not to take for granted the time that I get to spend with her before she grows up and starts to have her own life.  It helps her explore color and expression and I really like that for her.  I like that for us.

I am going to recommend that you try coloring.  You can pick up an “adult” coloring book at pretty well any store these days.  I have found that quite a few of the books also include inspirational quotes throughout the pages.  They are a great mild stress reliever and it always feels great to create something, even if you are just coloring in someone else’s art.

Coloring PagesColoring Pages (1)

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