Spring is Here!

Hello all!  It is the beginning of March, spring is here and I am still very much in denial about this.  I live in Missouri and it is undeniable that our last two winters have been very short lived.  So much so that I feel as though I am still waiting for it to come.  Daylight savings time is less than a week away.

It seems to be that winter is going to go missing again this year.  The grass is starting to green and little teeny tiny white flowers are starting to bloom in my lawn.  As I look to the sky I can see the buds beginning to form on the very tips of the trees.  Bushes are blooming in yellows and greens along the roadways.

I find myself scrambling to get our outdoor affairs in line before the real growth begins and that get out of control on me.  We are surrounded by woods so that happens easily.   I always find myself thinking that I would like to start making a real attempt at gardening one of these years, but the way spring creeps in on me year after year shows I am not ready for the committment just yet.  I think I may have to start planning for the following years spring at the beginning of the current year’s spring to do that.  I guess we all have to start somewhere.

I have wondered about trying my luck with wildflowers in the beginning and then maybe adding a few flowering bushes around our property.  Where do you like to begin with decorative gardening?  Are the any tips or recommendations that you have for someone who is almost a beginner?  Feel free to share tips or links!  I am interested in what you have to say.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. FLowering shrubs to brighten your vistas are a good beginning. They help to “set boundaries” on the woods that surround you. And then, plant some spring bulbs underneath the shrubs. And then a few perennials you especially like to fill in spaces and help hide the dying foliage of the bulbs…..and suddenly you have a border! Best of luck.


    1. I have been trying to find flowering shrubs that I like as a starting point. I like that we’re “on the same page.” 🙂 Spring flowers are some of my favorite flowers also. Thank you so much for the tip!


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