Review: Baja Ponchos for Dogs

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I did purchase these ponchos with my own money and the opinion below is my own.

Hello!  As you may have noticed if you follow me on social media, I love my furbabies very much. Do you have any?  I don’t know about you, but from time to time, I like to get them silly things hoping they will turn out to be awesome. On this particular occassion I am talking about dog ponchos.  And they turned out to be awesome!

I ordered two of these for my little chihuahua puppies, Pig and Linus.  They are still a little big, especially on Pig, but they will grow into them.  I ordered an XXS for both of them.  They both still weigh under 3 pounds so they are pretty teeny tiny.

The ponchos go on with two velcro straps and have a little hole for a leash to attach to a harness if that is what you put on you dogs.  They are nicely made and very colorful.  There is also an option to order them with fringe, which is also very festive, but I went for no fringe.  They come in a variety of sizes.  I also have three large dogs and have thought about ordering some for them too.  How fun would a family dog picture be with everyone dressed in little bajas?!??

The ponchos quickly arrived via USPS.  They were packaged in two larger ziplock bags which would be nice for storage purposes.  There was also a card in each one thanking me for my purchase and inviting us to share pics with the hashtag #bajaponchos to be featured as their Instagram Dog of the Day.  (Guess who is going to be posting?  This girl!)

I hope that you will enjoy the picture of Linus in his ponchos.  Pig is still so small that she crawls right out of hers.  My babies will shiver just a little bit less outside on chilly days.  Thank you for a great little poncho!

Baja Ponchos for Dogs on Amazon

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