Social Media

Hey guys!  I hope you are all doing well today.  It is a bit chilly and overcast here. Personally I find this to be a good day for a blanket and a bit of cuddling, movie watching and cruising the world of social media for random this and thats.

Recently I decided I wanted to “join the world” a little bit more.  I have been quite reclusive as of the last seven years or so.  I experienced the online sharing paranoia of unwanted intruders and creepers gaining access to my life.  Thiefs, rapists, kidnappers and murderers existed before social media.  I came to the conclusion that people have access to my life regardless of whether or not I participated in social media.  I am in charge of censoring what I share, and if they want it bad enough they will likely get it anyway.  Facebook was the social media that I used and MySpace was a joke of the past.  Twitter seemed strange in theory to me and my Instagram was stagnant.  I maybe looked at it once a year.  I got bored one day, started a Twitter, revamped my Instagram, and started this blog.  So here we are.  Thank you for coming.  🙂

I have found this to be a nice change for me.  I work from home, I am a mother and a wife. It goes without saying that I don’t get out a lot, but I am saying it anyway.  If you are anything like me, you still feel young sometimes, you just have “adult” responsibilities.  I do not get out much as my priorities do not allow for it.  I would like to though. While Facebook can pass a little bit of time nicely, I felt I was only dealing with a certain circle of people there.  (All of which I know and love.)  When you get into Twitter and Instagram, the possibilities are seemingly much more endless.  It reminds you that there are people all over the world that share similar interests.  It reminds you that there is much more to the world than what you see every day.

Sometimes this reminds me of the things that I wish I would have done.  In the same grace it reminds me of the things that I may still have time to do.  In opening myself back up to the world, I have found myself feeling renewed and setting a few new goals for myself.

I would love to share with you.  Feel free to follow me on any channel of social media and I will do the same with you.

  • Twitter:  @StaceysReality
  • Instagram:  @StaceysRealityBlog
  • Facebook:  @StaceysReality
  • Blog:

As always, thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with me.  I look forward to interacting with you more in the future.  What are your favorite social media outlets?

Much love,Stacey 2

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