Favorite Things

Greetings!  Hopefully your day has been filled with many things you like so far.  I do my best daily to never take anything for granted as in the blink of an eye everything can change.  There are numerous things in life I truly appreciate.  Surely many you are grateful for as well.  Below is a list of  a few things I find bring joy to myself.

  • The warmth and softness of my daughter’s hands.  They are my most favorite ones to hold in all the world.
  • My daughter is also very insightful in regard to human emotion.  It is something that will make her a very good friend for others.  I hope it is never taken advantage of.
  • My husband’s eyes.  They are a very unique color and possess the ability to see right through me.  I have always heard it is important to fall in love with someone’s eyes as they will never change.  Pretty sure I took that advice.
  • My husband also has a really bad ass beard.  I just love a good beard.
  • Sunsets. A sunrise is nice too, but most days I would rather sleep through them.
  • Each one of our five dogs has a special trait I enjoy.
    • Jaeger is stubborn, but he watches over me so well that it is like having a personal body guard.
    • Lucy is very intimate.  She will stay cuddled by your side until the end of time and stare longingly into your eyes.  She really likes to connect with people.
    • Scarlett is very playful.  She loves to play fetch and gives the best hugs you will ever receive from a dog.
    • Linus is a nice chest warmer.  That is his favorite place to rest.  He also fails to know a stranger, however he will not get within two feet of you until he calms down about it.
    • Pig.  Best good morning hello I have ever experienced comes from her.  She is also the stalker I always wanted.  😉
  • Freshly washed sheets.  Love that feeling when crawling into bed.
  • Nutella shakes from Steak ‘N Shake.  So tasty!
  • My stepdad who treats my mother well.  He sets a better example for how women should be treated and I am happy he is in our lives.
  • As much as I have tried to deny it at various points in my life, my mother knows me better than anyone. Perhaps even better than myself.
  • Being able to have my “day job”.  My boss is really good to me.  So thankful!
  • All of the supportive friends that I have.  You all take care of me in more ways than you will ever know.  Thank you.
  • To sterotype, the roof over our heads.  Having a home and people to share it with are what dreams are made of.
  • And of course you!  Even though we have most likely never met, it is nice to have someone to write to. I appreciate you taking a moment out of your busy life to spend some time with me.

I hope I have inspired you to take a few minutes to share or simply think about what you find most precious in your world today.  Feel free to comment or share something you appreciate.

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