Review: BarkBox March 2017

Disclosure:  I purchased this subscription with my own money and am not receiving any compensation for this review.

Hey there! Guess what we got this week!  Our BarkBox!  Yay!  Have you tried one of these yet for your furbabies?  I have to say I am really enjoying these so far.  This is the second one that we have received out of a six month subscription.  My pups love them.  The box has a different theme each month.  This includes two toys, two full size bags of treats, and one chew stick.

This month the theme was Bento & Blossoms, springtime in Japan means cherry blossom picnics!  Very cute. Below is a list of the items that were included in this month’s box.

  • Hello Ducky – 100% natural duck flavored dog treats.  These are all natural and made in the USA by BarkBox.  They are corn, soy, grain and gluten free. Pig, my black and white chihuahua pup, LOVES these.  I am going to have to get more for her she loves them that much.
  • Mr. Porkle – Teriyaki flavored pork flavored treats.  These were a big hit with both pups as well.  These are made in the USA, grain free and all natural.
  • Crunchy Premium Buffalo Chew – We got this one last month but that is quite alright.  It was a hit.  It is made in the USA as well.
  • Sydney’s Salmon Nigeri sushi toy – Nice little plushie with a squeaker.
  • Geisha shoe toy – This one is really good.  It appeals to multiple senses.  It squeaks, it crinkles, it is hard, it is soft.  Linus and Pig enjoy this one quite a bit.

These boxes are nice to get.  I personally love surprises and I would easily spend this amount of money on random stuff throughout the month on our dogs anyway.  So why not get it sent directly to the house each month?  We have three large dogs in addition to our two little chihuahua pups.  For the April box I am going to try a large dog package and see how we feel about those.  Check back with me to read about it if you are curious.

Here is a link for my review on our first BarkBox if you would like to read more.

Review: My first BarkBox Feb. 2017

Thank you for spending some of your day with me!  I do appreciate it and I always like to hear what you have to say.  Take care until next time.  🙂

BarkBox 3.2017BarkBox 3.2017 (1)BarkBox 3.2017 (2)

2 thoughts on “Review: BarkBox March 2017

  1. Howlooo Stacey! Oh my woofness, Linus and Pig are aDOGable! I better not show these photos to our office pups… they’d DROOL over them! 🙂 I am so happy to hear that March’s box was a hit – isn’t Get that Getta such a great toy? As you said, it crinkles and squeaks so it appeals to all types of play.

    It also sounds like duck treats are a hit in your dog house – YUM! Remember that if your pack ever receives anything they do not ruv, we can send out a replacement item. We’d be happy to send out duck treats if they ever turn their nose to a treat they retrieve! (Just bark at and we can help!)

    We’re looking furward to seeing April’s review, and seeing the rest of your pack! We know they are going to be excited to give their input on the large BarkBox. Thanks for being in the pack, and give all those pooches belly rubs for us!


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