Review: SparkleHustleGrow March 2017

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Greetings!  How are you doing today?  Do you own your own business or just love office/creative goodies?  Well, I found an awesome subscription box to fill the void.  You can even write this one off on your taxes. I don’t know about you, but I love a good write off.  😉

I recently signed up for this box and was quite anxious to receive it.  The site claims that it includes 4-6 items to grow your business.  Upon joining, the founder Julie Ball, invited me to join the super secret SparkleHustleGrow group on Facebook.  I thought this was awesome as she reaches out and communicates with the members of her subscription box.  Creating a strong relationship with your clientele is something to admire and a plus in any business.  (I will say I was a little sad that I was unable to get the February box.  Everyone was talking about it in the group and it was really cool!)

So, my box FINALLY arrived!  Yay!

Inside of it I found the contents as listed below.

  • A book, Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I have not started this yet but plan to in the next couple days.  One woman in the Facebook group was very excited to receive this as she was really far out on her library’s waitlist for it.  Reviews are good also.  I will likely do one after I read it as well.
    Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert on Amazon
  • A turquiose desktop business card holder by Poppin.
    Poppin Business Card Holder in White on Amazon
    Poppin Business Card Holder in Aqua on Amazon
    Poppin Business Card Holder in Pink on Amazon
  • A turquoise business card case with magnetic closure by Poppin.
  • 4 pack of multi-colored cable catches by Poppin.  Great for keeping those phone charger ends just where you want and can find them easily.
    Poppin Jumbo Cable Catch in White on Amazon
    Poppin Jumbo Cable Catch in Aqua on Amazon
  • A Creativity notepad designed for SparkleHustleGrow and our scribbling pleasure.
  • Login details for a stock photo website.  Social & Creative Stock.  We were given 5 stock photos to use as we please.  Very classy and clean images.
  • Login details for an online training class.  Crazy Easy Graphic Design by Julie Ball of Grow Web Marketing.  This is a nice little class so far.  I have not made it all the way through it yet, but I am enjoying it.  I have always wanted to learn more about this sort of thing.  It has a value of $49.00.
  • Two Caffeinator Truffles by Dan’s Chocolates.  Real espresso and dark chocolate.  Tasty!

Altogether this box has an estimated retail value of $88.00 according to the card included.  I paid $34.95 plus $5.00 shipping.  I would say this box is a win.

I am looking forward to receiving this box next month in April.  I am glad I subscribed when I did.  According to the website the April boxes are all sold out.  Hopefully Julie will be adding more slots for the future!  Thanks so much for a great subscription!

What, if any, subscription boxes have you tried and enjoyed?

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