Review: Fabletics

First Order March 2017

Disclosure:  I purchased this subscription box with my own money and am not receiving any compensation from Fabletics for the review of the box.

Hello hello!  It is almost April and the redbud trees are blooming in Missouri.  I love it.  I hope that you are also enjoying the beauty of spring wherever you may be.

So my topic for today is going to be Fabletics.  Surely you have seen advertisments with Kate Hudson as the spokesperson for this company somewhere.  I personally have been debating on whether or not to order from them for at least the last year.

There are a few reasons for why I have avoided ordering from Fabletics.

  1. I am not always a fan of having to remember to cancel something each month or get charged for it.  I am pretty organized, so most of the time it really should not be too much of a problem.
  2. I have also read numerous reviews with people complaining about the company being a scam.  Most of which, I think, sounds like it is due to people not cancelling their monthly order if they did not want to pay.  That seems to be the big kicker, remembering to cancel by the 5th of the month if you are not interested in purchasing.
  3. Whenever I have browsed the outfit options on their site, they are always sold out of the color combinations I want in my size.  This is also a regular complaint I see often in criticisms. I felt why spend money on it if it is not what I really want?

I finally found a few really good reviews for a change so that helped to influence my decision. (Thanks!)  I finally gave in and ordered.  I was able to order two outfits and an extra pair of pants for $50.  Their first time order deals are outstanding.  So, three pairs of pants, two tops and one sports bra.  $50.  Not too shabby at all.  I paid $50 for a pair of legging capris and a top from Target the week before.

There was still the same unfortunate selection in my sizes, but I found a few things I thought would work.  I am just hoping when I get the choice at the begining of April (as one of their subscribed VIP members) there will be better selection available.

Like a lot of the new companies I have ordered from lately, their time to get stuff out the door was pretty slow.  They request 7 – 10 business days.  It took them a week, and they did send an email to let me know they were running behind, so that courtesy was a plus. At this point it is probably needless to say the anticipation of course was killing me by the time it finally got here today!

I was quite impressed with the quality of the clothing they sent.  It is way better than I was expecting.  The capri leggings are a really good solid material. Very firm and supportive.  The sports bra and tops are also very nice.  The fit was good.  I was a little worried about how the clothes would fit.  A tiny bit snug, but not enough to make me feel that I need to go up a size.  All in all I would say they fit as expected.  I have also been hitting the gym and eating better so I am hoping to shed a little bit of my excess weight.  Now I am going to look fashionable while doing it.  Yay!

My personal complaint was that the green capris do not look the best on me.  I have a fair amount of cellulite on my back side (boo!).  I am sure a good majority of you ladies know, it is best not take chances with lighter colors in tight pants.  I will just wear those for my home work outs instead of to the gym.  Not a big deal.  And really the quality and comfort of these pants, I would cheat and wear them as regular leggings.  So a tunic style top would cover the flawed areas that I am not comfortable with.

They claim you can send things back for an exchange, but I am not going to mess with it this time.  The green pants fit and I will wear them regardless one way or another.  If I end up ordering something that I end up sending back I will make an update to this blog at that time. Hopefully when that day comes, the return/exchange process goes well.

As it is right now, I am happy with my order.  In a few days, April 1, there will be new items to select from.  I am looking forward to that.  I will let you know how that goes also.

Have you ordered from Fabletics?  What was your experience like if so?  Thanks for sharing!

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