Review: Fabletics April 2017

April 2017

Disclosure:  I purchased this subscription box with my own money and am not receiving any compensation from Fabletics for the review of the box.

Hey hey!  Here is the review for my second purchase with Fabletics.  This one is more in the swing of how they operate monthly.

Fabletics made a number of outfits available on the first of April.  I was very excited to see those.  If you recall from my previous review, and maybe any others you have read, the size selection is not always the greatest when you are starting out.  It was nice to have sizes available in their new outfits.  I ended up selecting a two piece outfit with a tank top with a fun print pair of capri leggings.

The items shipped quickly and I was thrilled when they arrived.  I did not receive a shipping notification in my inbox from them so it was even more of a surprise when I checked my mail.  (I love surprises in the mail.)  I did not check to see if it went to my spam, nor did I check the shipping status in my account on their website.  I was not really concerned as of yet.  I will say that it went much faster than my very first order though.

The items fit as expected, which is great.  The quality was top notch as expected from my previous order also.  Again, the leggings were a solid and firm material.  The pattern on the capris is also good at covering trouble areas that we as females are insecure about. This also made me happy.  The cute patterned legging trend has been one that I have had to skip out on more than once due to this.  The top is super cute and fit as expected.  The bottom portion also has ties, so I can adjust the style of the top as I wish.

Love this outfit.  I find myself looking forward to what is offered in May.

What companies do you like to get your athletic apparel from?

Below is a link to my first Fabletics purchase review in March 2017.

Review: Fabletics First Purchase March 2017

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