Review: SparkleHustleGrow April 2017

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Greetings!  April has been an incredibly busy month for me, so this review and a few others are a little late in getting out, BUT, here they are none the less.  I hope you have been doing well and are not affected by any of the flooding happening in the Midwest right now.

This is the second box I have received from SparkleHustleGrow.  Here is a link to the review for the first one that I received in March.  Review: SparkleHustleGrow March 2017

This subscription box contains 4-6 items to help grow your business and you are also welcomed into a super secret SparkleHustleGrow group page on Facebook.  I really like being a part of the page on Facebook.  The women there are all very enthisiastic and helpful.  It is a good little community to be a part of.  Julie Ball, the founder/owner, does a wonderful job of staying in touch with everyone and keeping us posted on new and exciting things.

Inside I found the following contents:

  • A book:  All Marketers are Liars/Tell Stories by Seth Godin – I have not seen a lot about this book as of yet, however, when checking out the reviews on Amazon, I think it will be useful in a number of ways as well as a good read.
    All Marketers are Liars on Amazon
  • PopSockets Kit in Watercolor design – This company has many designs!  I am enjoying the PopSocket so far.  It works great as a stand for your phone and I must say that with the correct positioning makes taking selfies a lot easier too.  I have an iPhone 6 Plus and with the size of the phone it was a bit difficult before.
    PopSockets on Amazon
  • Universal Power Bank – I have been thinking about getting one of these so this was a nice addition for me in the box.
  • Floral Watercolor Compact Mirror by Erin Elyse Designs – I was also in the market for a new compact mirror as I lost the one I had previously.  This one is nicely handcrafted with the lovely message “You are beautiful” across the top.  Why yes, little compact, we all are.  ❤
  • $10 Gift Card to use on – This was a nice notion.  I love online shopping!  Shoptiques have a broad range in pricing and a selection that should have something for everyone.  I used my gift card on a small purchase for earrings.  I am looking forward to their arrival.
  • Two Pearly Wipes single packs – Initially I thought to myself, how strange, wipes for your teeth..?  Yes, wipes for your teeth and mouth.  These are nice though.  They freshen up your mouth quite nicely.  I could see where these would be nice after having coffee or wine.
    15 Pack of Pearly Wipes on Amazon
  • Online Training Course: Let’s Go Live by Carrie Sharpe – I have not had a chance to start this yet either.  (April was a busy month.)  I have noticed several of my friends going live and a number of subscription box “unboxings” that happened live on Facebook…  This will likely prove to have some useful advice!

Altogether this box has an estimated retail value of $169.00.  I paid $34.95 + $5.00 in shipping.  I would say it was definitely a win…  Oh…  AND you can use this box as a write off for your business.  Now tell me who does not like that?

Have you tried SparkleHustleGrow?  What other subscription boxes have you tried and enjoyed?  I would like to know as these really seem to be my guilty pleasure right now.  😉

SHG April 2017


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