A Realization…

Good morning…  I decided to start this blog on a bit of a whim in late February.  I felt as though there is a whole world of people out there.  Maybe I should try to reach out and meet some of them.

You see, I have an amazing job in which I work from home.  So I rarely ever have to leave the house. (Very awesome, yes, but sometimes a bit lonely.)  I am 32, with a 7 year old daughter and a husband who does not work.  Most of my local friends are in a similar position so we just do not get together.  Even with the option, when the day came, who knows whether or not I would still actually want to leave the house?

I felt I needed to get out more.  But I don’t have time for that.  As many other mothers/wives/hardworking women out there know it is very difficult to just go and do after a certain point in your life until another certain point in your life.  So, I started a Twitter, a second Instagram and a Facebook page for the blog.  Here we are.  Great right?

Well…  I have concluded through doing this that I am an insanely private person.  I have the tendency to be very vague.  I do not make friends easily or well, and I rarely feel like I actually fit in anywhere.  I wanted to do the blog to get to know more people, but found myself looking for something to share on a more personal level.  Something that people can relate to.  What do I do or think about that other people can relate to and want to read about?

Ordinary things I thought.  Such as feeling like I never get any help around the house and  I am dizzy some days with all that I have to do.  I got new pillows for my lawn furniture this year.  I am so ready to get the pool put up and have a strawberry margarita!  But why would you want to read about the ordinary things in my life when they are so very similar to what it is keeping you busy in the first place?  Some days those things are quite depressing.  Mostly I want to take all of those things that are easy to complain about and find a way to make them somehow slightly more positive and relatable.  We all need to keep going, why not find some inspiration in there to make it happen more easily?

But first I have to be open about it.  I have to find the willingness to put something out there.  So this is my resolution to try to be more open and less vague.  To try to share something with you and hope that it might appeal to you somehow…


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