Review: BarkBox April 2017 (Large Dog)

Disclosure:  I purchased this subscription with my own money and am not receiving any compensation for this review.

Hello, hello!  I have been slacking a bit, springtime is a very busy time for our family. Thus the April BarkBox review is getting posted halfway through May…  I hope you won’t hold it against me too terribly much!

This box was another win as usual.  Thanks BarkBox!  I like that they deliver a reliable and consistent product.  Usually we get the small dog box for our chihuahua pups (which they LOVE), but this month I thought we could try the large dog box for our three larger dogs.

They enjoyed the snacks very much, but are less enthusiastic about the toys.  This mostly comes with age I think. They are 10, six and two and not quite as playful as they used to be.  The sneaker was confiscated by the pups, who are 6 months old, while the larger dogs kept ahold of the game controller. They ripped one of the squeakers out promptly… (Go figure.  They tend to do that with higher pitched squeakers.) Now they just kind of carry it around.  Which is also a good sign that they like it.  My oldest will likely, several months in the future, decide to shred it randomly one day.  He seems to like to keep toys captive for a while before doing that.

The theme for this months box was Throwback Thursday: Pawty Like It’s 1990.  Heck yeah!  I know a little about the 90s.  😉  Below you will find a list of the items included in the April box.

  • Throwback Thursday Stickers!!!  Love these!
  • Duck Treats – Made in the USA, all natural and hypoallergenic.  All five of our babies loved these.  They all came for them tails wagging, grabbed theirs and ran to a comfy spot to enjoy them.
  • B’Nana & Coco Treats – Made in the USA, all natural and vegetarian.  Two of my girls (we have three) LOVED this particular treat.  I never would have thought of a banana and coconut treat for dogs.  It was a hit, so I am glad that somebody did!
  • Pig Ear Chew – This treat went specifically to our senior dog.  He absolutely loved it.
  • Sully’s Sneakin Sneaker Squeaker Toy – Little pups loved this one.  It was a bit big for their little mouths, so half of the their, and my, entertainment has been watching them sort out how exactly they can pick it up and carry it around.  hee hee
  • Ko Naw Mi Code Controller Stretchy Squeaker Toy – Big hit with the bigger dogs! And judging by the fact it is currently sold out on BarkBox’s website, I would say it was a hit for a lot of other pups out there as well…

Again, this box was great as always.  We will be switching back to the small dog box for May.  Our little Chihuahua pups go through toys like crazy, so this box is overall more beneficial to them in our household.  But if you have a large and playful dog, I have to recommend this box for you. If your dog is particularly destructive of toys, they do also have a Destroyers Club and a Super Chewers package which I suspect are worth looking into.

Here is a link to our March 2017 review if you would like to check it out.

Review: BarkBox March 2017

Have you tried BarkBox or any other subscriptions for your pets?  I would love to hear about your experiences!

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