I bought a selfie stick.

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So…  I am one of those stubborn people that has the tendency to resist trends.  In this case, for a really long time.

I bought a selfie stick.  (Wtf.)

I loathed all the occassions and moments when people would whip out a selfie stick and obstruct walkways or put themselves at danger to take a picture with a stick.  I often loathed the people posting an excessive amount of selfies with the same pose with or without the notorious duck face, regardless of whether or not they had a selfie stick. (But I did appreciate that they took pictures of everything, I wanted to be more like that.)  I wanted nothing to do with selfie sticks as they came across as an absolutely ridiculous trend.

Here is to new beginnings.  I bought a selfie stick.  (What have i done…)

My change of mind toward these things came from the fact that there are really no pictures of me, like at all.  My husband is not a big picture taker.  I am not a fan of the extreme close up of the traditional selfie.  They showcase what I feel is my terrible skin, and my triple-million chin.  Angles can’t fix it all.  I do like taking and being in pictures.  I lost that somewhere along the way.  I am afraid I will die tomorrow and my daughter will not have any pictures to remind her of the times we shared together.  Sadly we all know that it is easy to forget times, places, things, and people.

I took the plunge and bought a selfie stick.  (This should be nice way to take more pictures.)

So after playing around with this thing for about a week.  I have concluded that I really like it.  This was one of those trends that was not so bad afterall.  I am able to feel comfortable with my new selfies as they are not so extremely close.  I always felt like T-Rex trying to snap off selfies before.  The pictures are coming out nice and the stick itself is really nice.

Here is a bit of a review for the stick that I bought.

I have an iPhone 6 plus currently.  I keep it in an Otterbox Symmetry.  This enlarges the overall size of the phone a bit.  In looking for a selfie stick, I was realizing the portion/clamp holding the phone was not always large enough for my phone with the case on it.  I certainly do not want to have to take my phone out of the case there to protect it, to put it in a stick being held away from my body to take a picture. Transferring a phone in and out of a case sounds like a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion.  As we all know, phones are not cheap these days.  This particular clamp expands up to 3.5″.

I bought the wired selfie stick as I did not want to have to worry about batteries or syncing.  (Plus it was a few dollars cheaper and for a first timer, I like that idea.)  I just wanted to plug and snap.  They do have a wireless/bluetooth model available if that is your preference.

This stick was super easy to use!  Lightweight, expandable (8″ to 32″) and collapsable. Plug in the stick to your phone, point and snap pics!  I am very happy with my purchase. I have to recommend this particular selfie stick to you, especially if you are looking for one that compensates for larger phones.

Here is a link to the stick on Amazon:
Selfie World Vortex Pro II Selfie Stick on Amazon

And to everybody I teased for havng a selfie stick, feel free to give me plenty hell now.  I have earned it.  😉

2 thoughts on “I bought a selfie stick.

  1. Oh man, I’m shamefully on the hunt for a selfie stick. (I can’t believe I’m admitting that) lol but in my defense it’s for the sake of my blog so I can take full outfit pics. I’m trading the horrid “mirror” selfie for the “selfie stick” selfie lol 😂


    1. That is exactly how I felt, but I am glad I got one. I feel a lot better about some of the pictures I am taking now as opposed to before. I have also seen little tripods for phones too. Which could be nice if you’re phone camera has a timer.


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