Review: Bose Soundlink II Bluetooth Speaker

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I purchased this Bose speaker with my own money and am not receiving any compensation from Bose for the review of the speaker.

Greetings!  How are you doing today?  Lovely I hope.  I am enjoying a hot June day in Missouri.   Today I would like to tell you about my opinion of the Bose Soundlink II bluetooth speaker.

I am assuming, that like me, you have heard of Bose’s reputation for having high quality speakers.  This little one certainly does not disappoint.

My mother received one as a gift from my stepdad and showed.  I had tried a various amount of bluetooth speakers here and there of lesser quality and thought to myself, “This one is really nice.  I think I should get one and try it out for myself.”  So I did.  I bought one.  I was so happy the day that it arrived.  I had an easy way to listen to music off of my phone with better sound.

My phone linked right up to it via bluetooth!  No connectivity issues.  I turned the speaker on and immediately it was connected to my phone, and it even told me so.  😉  I have had speakers in the past where I gave up altogether on using the bluetooth feature as it did not really work and I just went to a line in cable instead.  Which can be really frustrating at times.

The sound is great for a speaker in a silicone housing that measures approximately 5″ x 5.25″ x 2.25″.  I use the speaker in the house and outside when we are all in our pool. Have I mentioned yet that it is also water resistant?

It stays charged for about 8 hours, and the time it takes to recharge fully is minimal, maybe two hours if that.  You can use it will it is plugged in and charging with the included USB power supply.

My husband liked the speaker I got for myself so much he wanted one of his own.  So, to me that said a lot about the sound quality.  (He is excessively picky about things like this sometimes.)

While there are a lot of great bluetooth speakers on the market, I have to say that you get what you pay for.  I am happy with my purchase.  I have to recommend these little speakers to anyone. When the day comes, I will look to Bose again for another bluetooth speaker.

If you would like to check them out, below are links to the various colors on Amazon:
Black Bose Soundlink II Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon
Aquatic Blue Bose Soundlink II Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon
Polar White Bose Soundlink II Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon
Coral Red Bose Soundlink II Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon

There are also a few really nice carry cases for this particular speaker on Amazon.  I have to recommend getting one of these to go with it.  With all of the electronic cables included in the world for all of our this and thats, it is nice to have somewhere to keep your investments together and protected.
Bovke Carry Case for Bose Soundlink II Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon

What have your experiences been with bluetooth speakers?  Are there any that you would recommend or tell others to steer clear of?


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