Our Family Fun Day at Six Flags St. Louis

Have you ever been to a theme park?  I recently went with my husband and seven year old daughter.  Neither my husband or myself had been since we were kids.  This was my daughter’s first time ever.  She had not ever even been on any kind of ride.  Not at a county or state fair, nowhere.  This was kind of a big experience for her.  There were roller coasters and a water park, which she has not been to before either.

In this regard, our daughter has lived a relatively sheltered life.  She earned a free pass to Six Flags for reading so many minutes during her school year so we decided to use it.  We hadn’t taken her previously because these types of things can get expensive, so I wanted to wait until she was older and have a better overall experience.  Maybe even remember it for a little while longer.  After our fun on Sunday, she just might.  She told me that it was the best day ever, and I think I believe her.  😉

We live almost three hours away from the park, so we had to get up early and leave a little early to get back at a reasonable hour.  I think if we lived closer I would likely invest in season passes every so often.  The trip altogether cost a little under $500.  I expected a higher cost, so in the end I think we did okay.

We also invested in the Gold Flash pass.  The wait time was not very long on any of the rides, so it was not necessary, but it was certainly nice to book a reservation for a ride and it be in 2 minutes instead of waiting for 20-30 minutes each ride in the regular line.  If the park had been busier, this little device would have been a lifesaver in regard to wait times.  We did not go on all of the rides, but we certainly had fun on the ones that we made it to.

Our family had a wonderful day.  We are all very strongminded, independent people, so some days that proves to be challenging for us.  But, we pulled it off.  We kept our smiles on and created a fun memory for us to share.  I have even started thinking about planning a real family vacation in the future.

What is your favorite roller coaster ride or theme park?

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