Review: Gelish Nails Starter Kit

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I purchased this Gelish Complete Starter Kit with my own money.  All of the opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you, but if you are anything like me, you like having your nails done. I have always had this strange insecurity about my hands.  So, if my nails are not in relatively good shape, it drives me nuts.  Over the years, I have spent countless amounts of money paying to have my nails done at a more professional and longer lasting level.

It started with acrylic sculpted nails, which were nice for a long time, but I did grow tired of always having longer bulky damaging attachments to my nails.  My natural nails were in such terrible shape that even if I wanted to try to have my own natural nails for a change, it was pointless.  They were absolutely ruined.

Then I started hearing about the Shellac gel polish and how it supposedly lasted for several weeks while being less damaging to your natural nails.  I thought to myself, that sounds wonderful!  It last more than a couple days and is less damaging to your nails than acrylics..?  Hmm…  Maybe I should give that a try.  I did.  I loved it.  It lasted beautifully for three weeks (my acrylics lasted two, max) and in the fourth, I started to see noticeable signs of wear.  So I kept getting my nails done in the various soak off gel polishes that were available.  Beautiful long lasting color on my nails.  AND it built the quality and health of my nails back up. They were stronger.  I was amazed.

After a while, paying someone to simply polish my nails for me started to become less desirable.  I did not really want to pay the $30-$40 to get this done every three weeks anymore, but wanted to keep the gel polish quality. Now, being that I had always kind of had an obsession with how my hands/nails looked, I have spent many hours in my life polishing them.  I have actually gotten really good at it, surely I can manage to do gel polish myself.

I decided to look into what options I had.  I found this awesome Gelish Complete Starter Kit on Amazon.  At the time I purchased it, the cost was roughly $115.  Still expensive, but when I stop to think that if I got four successful manicures out of it, I will have paid for the kit. Surely I should be provided with many more after those initial four.  Let’s give it a try!

The Gelish kit arrived and I was super excited.  Granted the colors would not have been my first choices if I were able to pick, BUT they were plenty to get me started and still very pretty.  I followed directions and tips that I looked up online, and my nails were a success!  I have a few minor mistakes, but when doing my nails the second time (three weeks later!) I was able to correct those.  The mistakes I made were basically learning about product consistency. Nothing to be unexpected the first time using gel polish myself.

If you have been looking for something longer lasting or better for your nails, or are just tired of spending the money at a salon, I have to recomment getting this kit for yourself. It is very easy to use and was a great investment for me.

Much love,Stacey 2


Here is a link to check it out on Amazon if you are interested.
Gelish Complete Starter Kit on Amazon

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