Review: Mindkoo A-Frame Heated Pet House

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Hello, hello!  I hope you are doing well today. I recently purchased a Mindkoo a-frame heated pet house.  On Mindkoo’s Amazon listing, they advertise this as a cat house, which I am sure little kitties love, but I have dogs. So I bought it for my two chihuahuas. They weigh four pounds and six pounds, so they are pretty small. Currently they can both fit inside, but it is a little snug that way.

Generally they enjoy burrowing and being in enclosed spaces so I though there was a possibility they would like this house.

They like this house.

Especially Linus. He spreads his legs out a little bit so his belly can be right on the heat. The heat pad works great and is covered with sherpa, also a nice feature. You can turn the pad on and off as you please with a convenient power switch. The power cord is also detachable for when it is not is use.

The house can be completely unfolded for easy clean up and fold flat for storage as well.

There are two doors, one on each end, which have clear vinyl/plastic flaps that can be removed via velcro if you would like to hold heat inside to make it extra cozy.

This is a pretty nice little house if you are wanting something warm and cozy for your furbabies.  🙂

Much love,Stacey trasp bkgd

Check it out here:
Mindkoo Heated A-Frame Pet House on Amazon

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