Review: Sparkle Hustle Grow July 2017

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I purchased this subscription box with my own money and am not receiving any compensation from SparkleHustleGrow for the review of the box.

Greetings!  Here is another review for the Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription box.  This is the fifth box that I have have received and there were quite a few awesome goodies in this box.  The theme was geared toward business travel.

Below are the item details!

  • Adventures for your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform you Habits and Reach your Full Potential by Shannon Kaiser – Advice for how to confront habits you have which are holding you back.
    Adventures for Your Soul on Amazon
  • Online Training: Facebook Ads to Supercharge Your List Growth by Allie Bjerk – Learn how to set up an ad campaign on Facebook.
  • Flint Retractable lint roller – Retractable, refillable, compact and available in a varitey of colors!  This thing is awesome.  I ordered a few extra to keep around in various places.
    Flint Lint Roller on Amazon
    Flint Lint Roller Combo Pack on Amazon
  • Untie Twistable Ribbons by Unplugged Goods – Twistable silicone ribbons.  LOVE these. I ordered more of these also. I now have them on all of my chargers, earbuds, and any extra cable around the house when not in use.  The company even makes them in a longer size, also great for items such as flat irons and hair dryers.
    Untie Twistable 5 inch Ribbons on Amazon
    Untie Twistable 10 inch Ribbons on Amazon
  • Work Hard Play Hard Luggage Tag – Lovely quality construction in a teal blue. Looking forward to putting this on my luggage for my next trip.
  • Dream Big Sleep Mask – Enough said.  😉
  • Hanging Cell Phone Holder – This is a really cool concept for a smaller lightweight phone.  I have an iPhone 6plus currently. A large and heavy phone. SO this contraption bowed under its weight, but no worries. I am keeping it and know it will be perfect for something somewhere later on down the road.
  • Charger Keychain – This item is too cool!  There is a USB plug in and charging ends for both iOS and Android products. So nice to whip this handy keychain out to plug into my laptop instead of a long charging cable.
    Charger Keychain on Amazon

This box was valued at approximately $207. Considering the price I paid for the box was quite a bit lower I will have to put this one in the win column!

This has been one of my favorite boxes.  As time goes on, they do keep getting better and better.  Thank you Julie for a great subscription box!

Another perk of getting the SHG subscription box is being included in an awesome private Facebook page just for Sparklers.  I have had a few perks come from being in this group.

If you are thinking of trying one of these boxes, I certainly have to recommend giving it a try.

Here is a link to my June Sparkle Hustle Grow box review:

Review: SparkleHustleGrow June 2017

Sparkle Hustle Grow 7.2017Sparkle Hustle Grow 7.2017 (1)

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