Small Business Saturday with Yah Nasty Natural Handmade Soaps

Owner Name:  Amy Jones
Business Name:  Yah Nasty Natural Handmade Soaps
Business Based in:  Louisiana
Social Media Accounts:  Find me on facebook and Instagram for more updates:)
Hashtags Used: #yahnasty  #homemadesoap  #yahnastysoaps  #allnaturalsoaps

What products or services do you offer?
Natural homemade bar soaps

How long have you been in business?
My business is new (less than 6 months) but I have been making homemade soap for 2 years now

What inspired you to start your own company?
I wanted to share my love for aromatherapy and natural ingredients with others! I also wanted to market my soaps with a bit of humor in each one to give people a few giggles.

Do you have a mentor or someone who inspired you?
From a young age my grandmother taught me to sew and be creative, but precise with my work, and my passion for crafting grew from there!

Favorite part of owning your own company?
Being able to put my own small touches on my products and packaging. Having my house smell amazing doesn’t hurt either:)

What is an obstacle that you found you were unprepared for?
Marketing and customizing labels! I much prefer to do the creative “hands-on” work!

Yah Nasty Soaps

How do you put your business out there?
Mainly through social media. Markets coming soon!

What mobile apps/online resources help your business the most?
Facebook for sure.

What are your favorite tools to help with workflow and organization?
Disposable spoons and cups! lots of pre-measuring can lead to lots of cleanup.

How do you maintain balance in life?
I work at a salon full time as a designer. On my off days my favorite thing to do is clean up my house so I have the rest of the time to soap! It is therapy for me.

Any words of wisdom for people looking to launch a business of their own?
Research your craft and be the best you can be before putting out any product. DONT BE AFRAID TO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! It took me 2 years! 

Anything else you would like people to know about your business?
All of my soaps are made with all natural ingredients, colorants and essential oils. Each batch is made small so there is lots of love in each one! This is truly a love of mine and I appreciate any love/feedback/support:)

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