Small Business Saturday with Strong Girl Vibes

Owner Name: A.C. Orellana
Business Name: Strong Girl Vibes
Business Based in: Rhode Island
Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @stronggirlvibes
Hashtags Used: #imastronggirl #stronggirlvibes #womenempoweringwomen

What products or services do you offer?
I offer gifts that are uplifting, motivational and empowering for women, such as shirts, baseball caps, cosmetic bags, ceramic mugs, high quality wall art (physical piece), instant digital download wall art, posters and vegan leather journals.

How long have you been in business?
I have been in business for about 3 months.

What inspired you to start your own company?
At first I started my company to make extra money to pay off some bills but now it is more about building this incredible community of women who follow my social media accounts. I want to inspire and help them to want to empower other women.  I hope that my products help with that.

Do you have a mentor or someone who inspired you?
No one really inspired me to start. I literally woke up one day with a strong desire to live my life in a more positive way and was driven to start this business. Since the business was started, I have met these amazing women from all over the world, all different ages and all walks of life. They absolutely inspire me everyday to keep doing this. 
They are my #stronggirls

Favorite part of owning your own company? 
Besides me repeating myself again about how awesome my #stronggirls are, I love that I can create my designs on my own terms, what I think is awesome for people. I love that my shop sells gifts that make a difference.  My very first sale was a digital download of a motivational print, for a woman who bought it for a friend of hers who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. When she told me who it was for immediately knew this was my calling.

What is an obstacle that you found you were unprepared for?
I didn’t think running an etsy shop would be so time consuming. I am always working on my SEO and always adding new product. I also thought social media would guarantee more sales.  It has definitley been a learning experience. 

Strong Girl Vibes Collage

How do you put your business out there?
I am on social media everyday via Facebook and Instagram.  I don’t only post my products. I post motivational quotes, I feature female celebrities who are making a difference in the world and also great females in history that have paved the way for women of today. I also post my product on Pinterest, whether it is on my boards or other shared etsy community boards.

What mobile apps/online resources help your business the most?
I use my Etsy Sell App of course, and always Facebook and Instagram. I get lots of great images from pinterest.  I also love this website called . For my artwork, I use the standard Adobe Suite programs. 

What are your favorite tools to help with workflow and organization?
I am totally attached to my cellphone and believe it or not, I use my memo pad right on my phone constantly. I also use pinterest alot to organize my ideas.

How do you maintain balance in life?
It’s not always easy to be honest. I also am a single mom and I work a full time job on top of my etsy business. I try to make sure I don’t go to bed too late and take one day a week off to decompress. Usually Sundays is a no work day. ( Usually)

Any words of wisdom for people looking to launch a business of their own?
Do it because you love it and have a passion for it. The money will come later and that’s ok. Also, do your research, join facebook groups with people in simiar businesses as you. These people want to help you. Finally, have patience. It might take time to get things rolling.

Anything else you would like people to know about your business?
Almost everything I make is customizable. No extra charge. Wall art is always buy 2 get 1 free. I also plan in the near future to start making gifts for young girls as well called “Little Miss Strong Girl”.

Is there a coupon or discount code you would like to provide for readers to use?
They can use coupon code STACEY15 to get 15% off of their order at


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