Review: Moon Lamp

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I purchased this Moon Lamp with my own money.  All of the opinions are my own.

Hello, hello!

Recently I have been seeing these moon lamps around quite a lot on various internet outlets.  My daughter has been a little into space and planets and what not lately so I when I came across a coupon code for one I thought, “Hey, this thing is cool, let’s get one and see what it is like.”

As it turns out, I am happy I picked one up because she loves it!  She has been running around the house with it saying, “I am the moon-keeper!”

Now, as other moms out there surely know, by mid summer entertainment can be a little hard to come by.  We have to spread these things out so we do not end up hearing the phrase, I am bored repeatedly.  This should provide a new lease on creativity.  😉

It does also make a really cool little lamp.  There are three settings on it, one is a super bright white light, the second more of a soft yellow and the third is a slow color changing LED.  You change the color mode by tapping the top of the moon with your hand.  This was slightly confusing at first,  but once I got the touch down it was good to go.

It is rechargable which is also great.  I don’t know about you, but I groan a little bit when something that requires batteries comes into the house.

The moon lamp also comes with a little wrist/hanging strap that can be attached to the bottom by the on/off switch and a nice little wooden stand to sit it on.

All in all I am happy that I went ahead and picked this up.  Pretty sure my little human is too.

Much love,Stacey 2

Here is a link to check it out on Amazon if you are interested.
Color Changing Moon Lamp

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