I just started landscaping.

At my house.

For the first time ever, I decided to actually tackle some landscaping around my house.  We have lived here for nine years and I have not done anything.

The previous owners filled in all the flower beds and trafficked areas around the house with river rock.  Which I personally find to be really ugly.  I don’t like the colors, the shape.  To me there is just no aesthetic value there whatsoever.  It is not really even stable to walk on.  Luckily only one are they put it gets walked on.

In home ownership, I have also come to realize that I am very indecisive.  It has taken me this long to settle on something to do.  I opted with a rather simple project.  I will go from here I suppose as far as maintenance and how much I actually like it.  I can change it later right?

Now that I have done a little something, I can better guage what I will be getting myself into as I go around the house doing more.  More is going to happen because I found it is quite satisfying to do things like this.  It gives me a nice sense of accomplishment when the task is completed, and this year, I have found I really like to play in the dirt.

Like I said, what I have done is not much, but it is something to me at this time.  I hope you enjoy peeking at the pictures.

Much love,Stacey 2


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