Going back to school…

I am in my early thirties and have decided to go back to school full time.  I am married, a mother and work full time as the breadwinner in our household.  This is making me really nervous.

I love my day job.  It is wonderful, but I have been there for five years and as we all know nothing truly lasts forever.  I am afraid of the day in which this job is no longer an option for me.  What will I do then?

I never finished college previously. I was the typical disaster youth.  I went but with no real direction.  Community colleges were the only schooling available here and quite frankly I was not interested in nursing or getting a business management degree.  People I went to high school with had already graduated and were working in retail management, making less money than I was and with way more debt.

So, was it really worth it?  At the time I have to say no.  I dropped out.  I continued working and moved around with various jobs until I landed the one that I have now.  Again, I am very happy with it, but just in case… what next?  While retail management is a respectable career, it is not one that I want to go back to.

So that leaves me with getting a degree and looking toward a new career path.  Having a degree opens up a lot more opportunity it seems, even if the job is not in line with your degree oddly enough.

The concerning part to me is that I have not done anything like this in a rather long time, and the responsibilities I have are much more now than they were then.  Will I be able to juggle everything so that nothing is left behind?  Can I give more of myself to make this happen?

Did you go to school after having a full time life?  How did you manage it?  Was it worth it in the end?

Much love,Stacey 2


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