Review – Elepawl Floating Ionic Straightening Brush

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I purchased this Metatron Hydration Backpack with my own money.  All of the opinions are my own.
Hello all!  I recently had the chance to try one of those hair brush flat irons and thought I would take a moment to share my experience and thoughts with you.
Previously I kinda viewed them like just another hair iron accessory… Why do I need something else when I already have a flat iron? blah blah blah… You know the drill.
I ended up getting the Elepawl ionic straightening brush. In the package I found the iron brush of course, a heat protective glove, two hair clips and a nice velveteen pouch for storage.  The iron, glove and pouch were of nice quality. I felt they skimped a little on the clip quality though.  😦
I did have to read the directions real quick to see how to use it, but after that it was a cinch. It worked great! My hair went from “I went to bed with wet hair” to nicely softened and straight.
I was able to use the iron brush a bit absentmindedly as I mostly just brushed my hair with it. Granted, it is still HOT, but it is much easier to avoid the heat panel as it was covered by the prongs on the brush.
If you are looking for super straight hair, I would probably avoid this product, but for the way I regularly style my hair, it was perfect.
Try one for youself by following the link below.  😉

Elepawl Ionic Floating Straightener Brush

Much love,Stacey 2

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