I passed my personal trainer certification exam! Yay!

In September of 2017 I decided to start taking my health much more seriously.  I was the heaviest I had ever been, coming in at 215 pounds, and I really did not feel well at all.  I just wanted to sit all the time as standing had become what felt like a chore.  I was working against a thyroid condition and was terribly out of shape.  I was eating terribly.  (Stress eater with a wicked sweet tooth who works from home so the kitchen is ten feet away.  All bad.) My self esteem was super low.  It was all just terrible feeling and I was miserable.

So I did something about it. I started taking classes at a gym in town.  Changing my eating habits was hard.  I still struggle with it.  I LOVE food, but I have begun to learn the difference in how various foods leave me feeling.  I have developed a confidence in myself and made friendships with people.  I have seen a change in myself as well as others.  It has been wonderful.  I shed 30 pounds in 8 months, which does not seem like a lot, but it was.  It was a lot for me.  I know how hard I had to work and how focused I had to be to do that.

In Spring of 2018, I realized that I wanted to do more.  I wanted to know more.  I wanted to give back to the people that had encouraged me and those who might just need a little push like I did.  I really liked the little niche I found for myself in the gym.  I liked the friends, I liked the people.  I liked the encouraging environment I found there.  It is an amazing support system.  (KA Fitness Team, I LOVE YOU!)  In deciding I wanted more, I decided to pursue a personal trainer certification via National Academy of Sports Medicine.

There was and is a lot to learn, especially for someone who does not really have much of a background in human anatomy, et cetera.  I read that 30% of the people who take the test fail the first time.  I know that is not a super horrible percentage, but it was enough to make me nervous anyway…  And not going to lie…  I did not want to have to pay $200 to take the test again!

BUT, I took the exam last week and I PASSED!  I was so excited I made the proctor give me a high five.  (I was there all alone…  so she had to stand in for someone who would actually be happy for me.  Lol)

It was so nice to see that all the effort I put in paid off and I did not need to be so nervous afterall.  It is nice when we are able to do more than we thought we could.  It is nice to get positive results for your efforts.

Sometimes as adults, I think it is easy to forget that we can still do things.  We are still capable of dreaming, trying, and doing new things.  If you have had something on your mind that you would like to try, get out of that rut, and find a way to make it happen.  Go for it.  There really is no time like right now to make positive changes in your life.  Speaking from experience, you will not regret it.

Much love,Stacey 2



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