Anniversary #8

Today is my eighth anniversary of marriage to my husband.

It has not always been easy.  As a matter of fact I know there have been days when we both thought about throwing in the towel.  There will probably be more.

I am not going to lie and say it was perfect, as much as that is what I really want to say.  I wish we had that social media perfect and then some relationship, I bet I am not alone in that.  The truth is that no one really does.  The pictures I tend to share also probably reflect more perfect times and fun too.  Those are my favorites.  Why wouldn’t I?

The point is, we have to work at this marriage EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

We have to say brutally honest things to each other.  If we didn’t, I think it would be easy to just let things slip away.  We wouldn’t be reminded that we really are still there for each other.  Sometimes the honesty is like the line that connects an astronaut to the spaceship, it is their lifeline, and it reminds them how to get back home.

We have issues.  They suck.  Man, they really suck sometimes.  But when things are good, they are golden.  And for all the things that suck, the good is really good.

The fact of the matter is, I love my husband.  He may not be perfect, or even perfect for me, but he is who I want.  Every day.

Here is to several more years.  Hopefully we will tackle them with a little more class and a better knowledge of each other than we did the first nine.  😉

Much love,Stacey 2

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