My Transformation Tuesday

In September of 2017 I weighed 215 pounds (the pic on the right).  I was not happy.  Clothes did not fit well.  I sat all the time.  Just standing was tiring.  I was tired of that.  My daughter was active and I was not.  I wanted to be active.  I wanted to set a better, healthier example.  I wanted to live a quality life.  So I began my journey.

My 1st goal was to “feel better.”  Second, to feel stronger.  Then, I wanted to shed some weight.  I struggled with losing any weight and found out I had a thyroid condition.  This explained A LOT.  I persisted.  I found my focus and channeled my energy.  I lost 25 pounds.

I took classes at a local gym (KA Fitness, you guys rock!!) and found BeachBody.  That really drove it home for me.  BeachBody gave me the tools and I found something that worked for me.  I had workouts that really challenged me.  I learned portion control.  Changes happened & I haven’t looked back since.

It was during this time that I decided to get a personal trainer certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I have also decided to become a BeachBody coach.  That is not a decision I made simply.  I really believe in the programs they have.  If you stick with them, they do work.

I took the summer off from my routine to spend more time with my daughter, which I do not regret one bit.

Now I am back at it again, and I am looking forward to seeing what I can get done this year.

What are some of your fitness and health goals?

Much love,Stacey 2

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