Tips for Setting Goals

How to set reasonable and SMART goals:
Make sure goals are SPECIFIC.
– Is the goal clearly defined so that you and anyone else can understand the outcome?
Is your goal MEASURABLE?
– It is good to be able to see you are making progress.
Is your goal ATTAINABLE?
– It is good for goals to be challenging, but if it is too extreme, it increases the odds of failure.
Make sure your goal is REALISTIC.
– Your goal needs to be something that you are willing and able to work toward.
Is the goal TIMELY?
– If you can assign a specific date of completion that is also a plus, but not too far in the future.

The very first goal I had for myself was to feel better. When I started to feel better, I wanted to feel stronger. I started to feel stronger and then I decided I wanted to see if I could actually lose some weight. Not all goals need to be extreme, but they do need to be realistic. I personally like the idea of baby steps. You set several small attainable goals, and when you meet them, you also have several small victories that lead up to one big victory. Something you can really reflect on and be proud of yourself for.

As of right now, I plan on doing two 5ks in 2019. One in April and the other in May. They are 3.1 miles in distance and I would really like to run the entire distance for both of them. Personally, I hate running, but doing that is a goal I have. I plan to attain this goal by spending time on spin bikes, ellipticals and the treadmill to condition my body, lungs and heart to this level of activity. I am already relatively in shape but find myself to be a whiner about running. To me, this is a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goal. It meets all of the standards for a reasonable goal.

What goal are you going to set for yourself?


Much love,Stacey 2


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