Tips for Setting Goals

How to set reasonable and SMART goals: Make sure goals are SPECIFIC. - Is the goal clearly defined so that you and anyone else can understand the outcome? Is your goal MEASURABLE? - It is good to be able to see you are making progress. Is your goal ATTAINABLE? - It is good for goals … Continue reading Tips for Setting Goals

Stages of Change

Did you realize there is something called “stages of change”? It outlines the way we contemplate or begin to change. Most people will stay the same as making change goes against what is familiar and it can often be challenging to make changes. These are the phases of change: 1. Precontemplation – No substantial intent … Continue reading Stages of Change

Fat Cells are Forever!

So I learned something today. Fat cells are forever! 😱 Basically this means that you will have the same amount of fat cells no matter what. They shrink as you lose weight, but the quantity does not decrease. You can, however, create new/more fat cells if you continue having a calorie surplus. This is believed to … Continue reading Fat Cells are Forever!

Invitation to join our fitness motivation page on Facebook!

Hello, hello! I recently decided to start a little inspiration and fitness motivation group on Facebook.  I would like to extend an invitation for you to join us!  Click the link below to be taken to the group page.  😉 A little ambition can go a long way...