My Life in September 2018

The month started off with Labor Day weekend.  This provided a four day weekend away from school for my daughter.  She is currently eight so that was nice for her to be home a few days.  We spent our final days of summer in the pool.  We made her geometric candle Kiwi Crate.  That turned … Continue reading My Life in September 2018

September 5, 2018 ~ Be Late for Something Day

You know the first thing that comes to mind to be late to today is work.  I doubt that is a very good idea though…  I will pick something else…

2018 So Far.

I know it is only July, but as I sat thinking about myself for a few minutes the other day, it occurred to me how many changes I have made as a person in 2018. I really focused on my fitness and lost 20 pounds and began coaching a few classes at the gym I … Continue reading 2018 So Far.

Wednesday Wisdom 10.25.17

"Don't take life so seriously, it isn't permanent." - Unknown Some of us give life a really good run for it's money, but it is certainly not permanent. Remember to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy a thing or two around you every now and again. It is a little too easy to get … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom 10.25.17

Fabulous Friday 7.21.2017

"Life's a journey - it unfolds for you as you are ready for it."  - RuPaul   Have you ever thought to yourself there is a time and place for everything? Or maybe, everything happens for a reason..? I know I certainly have. Those are two things I tell myself frequently. I also have realized … Continue reading Fabulous Friday 7.21.2017