Friday the 13th!

Are you the superstitious type or do you revel in the wicked and spooky?  Is this just another day to you? Maybe I am an oddball, but I generally have good days when it is a Friday the 13th.  I hope you do too.  

It’s my party day!

Is it my party day or your party day?  Either way let's party!!!

Today is National Angel Food Cake Day!

Yum yum!  I love angel food cake.  It was one of my favorite things to make with my grandmother as a child. I hope that you are able to enjoy some angel food cake today!

Today is Mad Hatter Day

There is much reality that is nonsense and nonsense that is reality!

Name Your Car Day!

Hmm...  Not really sure why, but I think I am going to go with Gerty.

National Homemade Cookies Day

Well...  I might say something more, but I am going to go bake cookies.

Today is Confucius Day!

Here are a few of my favorites!  Feel free to share yours in the comments section! "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." "Wherever you go, go with all of your heart." "Silence is a true friendship who never betrays." "Choose a job … Continue reading Today is Confucius Day!

Ask a Stupid Question Day

Interesting fact...  Today is the default day for Ask a Stupid Question Day, however the holiday is usually observed on the last school day of September, which would be tomorrow. Does that mean we get to ask stupid questions two days in a row? #winning  Lol

Crush a Can Day

Do it. Crush a can. You will feel better. Do it!  

Johnny Appleseed Day

Today is Johnny Appleseed Day! If you like apples, say a little thanks to John Chapman today, the realy Johnny Appleseed!